Emily Wright-Moore

Emily is a user experience designer and technologist based in San Francisco. She goes by emdash and thinks this nickname makes her sound like a design-nerd superhero.

Currently teaching budding UXers in an immersive course at General Assembly until February 2018. She thinks teaching and basking in design all day is delightful. Formerly Design Lead at Mapbox, UX Lead at the United States Digital Service for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Once upon a time interaction design and front-end at Twilio, and Code for America Fellow in Austin.

You can find her on github, linkedin, twitter, instagram behance.


Creating a digital front door for Veterans on Vets.gov,
onboarding new users at Twilio,
helping developers respond to emergencies with Twilio.org Rapid Response Kit,
and helping Austin avoid road closures with ATXFloods.

For fun:
Tracking where your flush goes with Swirl.ly,
sending messages via robot with Robogram,
an sms powered holiday tree called ColorMeTimbers,
calling all the payphones at once with Calling San Francisco,
and swearingly lovely citizen engagement with JFDI Citizens.

Speaking & Writing

Responsive Web Design Podcast: Vets.gov,
Designer Fund, Bridge,
The Journey of the Urban Flush,
Lean Startup Conference 2015, Vets.gov,
CfA Summit 2015, Behind the Wireframes,
Where the flushes go: Swirl.ly and the SF sewer system,
Neighborhood As Interface, SXSW,
The Journey of the Urban Flush, SF Ignite,
A Year in Austin, CfA Summit,
Engaging Citizens One SMS at a Time, TwilioCon,
Cool Like You: Gov Private Sector Envy, SXSW.